SA School Snowsports at Mt Buller

SA Schools Snowsports

The South Australian Schools Snowsports events are held during the South Australian School holidays at Mt Buller in the third week of July each year. Snowboard and Alpine Skiing competitions are held on the Thursday of the South Australian Schools Snowsports week. Entry is open to all South Australian Schools from year 1 to 12. The competitions are held on easy to moderate runs that encourage participation and fun for all levels of competitor age, experience and skill level. Travel, Accommodation, Lift, lesson and hire packages for the South Australian Schools Snowsports week are incredibly well priced making for an affordable and unforgettable Ski holiday and School event experience.


Championship trophies are awarded to Schools with the greatest number of points acquired during the competitions. Male and Female team times for each school, in both secondary and primary categories, determine the number of points awarded. First, second and third place getters in each division will be awarded medals.


The 2019 entry fee for the School Snowsports events is $36 per entry. 

Entries close at midday on Tuesday the 16th of July.

Please note the South Australian Schools Divisional structure

  • Division 1: Years 11-12
  • Division 2: Year 9-10
  • Division 3: Year 8
  • Division 4: Year 7
  • Division 5: Year 5-6
  • Division 6: Up to year 4

Champion School trophies, medals for individual divisional winners are presented at the ABOM from 5.30pm on Thursday the 18th of July. Exact details or any changes will be forwarded to team managers or during the Schools Snowsports week listed on the Live Event Updates section of the website.